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The track supplied is 18 feet of Thomson Ball Bearing track and has 15-1/2 feet of travel. It breaks down into (4) 4-1/2 ft sections. Additional sections are available for rental. I also have drives for regular dolly track (for less critical shots) and for travel up to 95'. I have circular Precision brand track for 180° moves (16' inside diameter).

   The lift has 4 feet of vertical and 2 feet of lateral travel. It is used on the Thomson track. It stands 6-1/2 feet tall; is 26"x26" square; weighs 200 lbs, and requires a minimum of two people to transport.

   The Pan/Tilt head is a 'L' bracket two axis rotator head. The Swing attachment has plus/minus 35 degrees of dutch movement. Also available is a Mechanical Concepts head that can be used as a three axis pan/tilt/roll head. Additional heads include a Mechanical Concepts two or three axis head, a Mitchell Vistavision head for extremely heavy camera packages (75-250lbs.) and a modified HotHead suitable for stop motion. I can also supply motors for Arri, Panavision Worral, or Mini-Worral heads if you prefer or if the shot requires it.

   Zoom and focus will work with any lens you want that has gears, including video lenses. It is also possible to work with some lenses that do not have gears. I have gear attachments for most still camera lenses, and some DV, HDV and HD camcorders - check with me for further info. Iris control requires a lens with an iris gear.

   The Motion Control System can sync to any live-action Panavision, Arri or Aaton film cameras. For syncing to video cameras, a video feed needs to be connected to the Motion Control computer. ForHi-Def cameras I will need an seperate standard-def feed (NTSC) for the computer sync. Even though the computer is synced to these cameras, roll and cut must be done by the camera operator manually. A sync (bloop) light will also need to be manually exposed at the start of each take. I can sync to and computer control the shooting of most digital still cameras for stop-motion and time-lapse shooting.

   I have dedicated computer-controlled camera motors for Mitchell Fries, Mitchell Standard, GC, MarkII, or S35R cameras. All camera functions (speed, roll, cut) are controlled by the Motion Control computer, and are frame accurate for every take.

    The Mitchell S35R has been modified for Motion Control and stop-motion shooting and has a BNC or Panavision lens mount and includes a Color or high-gain B&W video tap with a laser-etched ground glass for TV 1.33 and 1.85

    The Mitchell 35-R3 is the spinning mirror Fries model and is available with BNC, Panavision (regular or Super-35), PL (regular or Super-35), Nikon or Leica lens mounts and includes a color video tap with either Academy TV, 1.33,1.85 or  Super-35 TV, 2.55, 1.85 commontop laser-etched ground glasses. The included motion control camera motors for either camera run from 0.001 to 60.000 fps; stop motion from hours/frame to 1/16 sec. and are accurate to 0.0001 fps.

    Cameras includes 2- 400 ft mags or 2- 1000 ft mags. Additional mags are available for rental. A wild high speed Fries motor (6-120 fps) is available for the Mitchell 35-R3. A Lynx Robotics Crystal motor (0.001-120fps, stop-motion, and time-lapse) is available for the Mitchell S35R. A Norris stop-motion and time-lapse motor is available for the Mitchell Standard and GC's.

   A set of Leica lenses (15mm, 19mm, 24mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 28-70mm zoom) modified for motion picture use is available for the Mitchell 35-R3. A set of Canon Asph. Hi-Speed lenses (18mm, 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm) BNCR mount, and a set of Super Baltar (20mm, 25mm, 35mm. 50mm, 85mm, 100mm) BNCR mount lenses are available for either camera.

   For Live-Action speeds, the camera package should be kept as light as possible. For instance, 400 ft loads vs. 1000 ft loads, primes vs. big zooms, clip-on matteboxes vs. 6.6x6.6 studio matteboxes, etc.

   Sound shooting is possible, however some equipment cannot be rigged for silent operation. Dolly moves, Pan/Tilt, and Zoom/Focus are all possible. There is an additional charge for equipment for sound shoots. Please contact me for further information.

   Custom model rigs are available, and supplied on a per job basis.

   Time code trigger and video sync are included. Eight channels of programmable dimmer remotes are built into the computer.

Normal Configuration

Extended Configuration