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Personal History

I have been involved in Motion Control, and have worked with computer controlled film equipment in New York City since 1975. My work has received many Art Director awards, and a New York Area Emmy.
My first experence with Motion Control was with a Cinetron controled Saltzman animation stand in 1975. Most of my work at that time was 2-D graphic animation (with a 3-D element here and there) for network TV show openings, promos, and fall campaigns for NBC and CBS, a little PBS, some ABC, and local stations across the country.
The first true Motion Control System I personally built, was in 1980. I used that system to shoot the first HBO and Cinemax Openings.
The second system I built for a New York commercial production company in 1987 and used it on numerous Live-Action and Stop-Motion commercials.
The third system is what I am currently using, and incorporates what I have learned over the past 30 years. I have since used it for over 100 commercials, and several features.
I am fluent with and own both Kuper and Lynx systems. I have also worked on multimedia projects, and have written some small animation and 3D
utility programs.