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I offer a full range of location motion control services and equipment based in New York City.

All equipment is to be picked up by you, with your vehicle (full-size cargo van or cube truck) and driver or at your expense, at my shop in Queens, NY, and returned at the end of the shoot. Other arrangements can be made for smaller packages.

An insurance certificate must be supplied by your production company. Proof of insurance is required with Richard Coppola named as loss payee and additionally insured, including replacement cost. A deposit may be required in the ammount of your insurance deductable.The Production Company assumes all liability on set, loading, unloading, and in transit.

For out-of-town shoots, travel day equipment rates are 1/2 shooting day rates. There is no charge for delivery or return days, unless this means canceling another job. Full rental rates then apply. If equipment needs to be set up or broken down on delivery or return days, then there will be a charge for the technician's full day rate. If programming is done on the set-up day then the equipment will be at the full day rate.Depending on the amount of equipment, the complexity of the shot(s) or the schedule, I may need either a PA supplied by you or a dedicated assistant. A union operator (if required by law) is additional.